Dare to be d4rqk...
So this morning I woke up with a pretty dry throat, so I got up, grabbed a drink and chugged. Almost choked on my drink due to a SURPRISE cough >.<, usually when I get sick my tonsil's swell up and get these little white puss pockets all over them, as of yet said pockets are absent, thank god it doesn't seem to be strep :D I am pretty much flat broke, if I want to be covered on my Insurance I have to travel 1.5 hours to the Veteran's Hospital, so I decided to forgo all of that crap, OOH look, expired Theraflu!! I took a pouch, dumped it in nigh boiling water, stirred it up and chugged, 'lo and behold 10 minutes later, I feel great, for about 2.5 hours >.< OH well Good thing I have plenty :D So, lets see how many of you AREN'T shy, I want to know, do you guys usually get sick at the same time every year/season? If so what kind of illness do you come down with? I'm not talking allergies, I am talking, you feel like a fucking cadaver, you feel like hammered shit. I can't honestly believe that it take near and act of congress to get your damned tonsils removed, I guarantee that if my tonsils were removed, I wouldn't get sick every time the seasons change >.< Welp that is it for now, please feel free to leave comments, I know people are viewing this, but no one has anything to say, nice, nasty, or neither, not a big deal. :D ---END

I get sick around Mid-November, always. I've had my tonsils remoced, but that didn't do shit. I promise you that much. It's just some fucking...Sinus crap. They prescribe the same thing everytime, "Take this, drink that" yeah it doesn't work. It's gotten to the pont where if i want relief for a bit, I just crush up old pills they gave me and snort them. It works faster and doesn't wear off any earlier. Every fucking week before the play I get sick. The big "Musical" always relies on my back being healthy as a horse, so of course that makes me have to come up with alternatives. If nothing else, I drink a shot of whiskey, if not for help, just for distaction. haha


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