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So, I collect disability and unemployment, ordinarily one cannot partake of both, but due to my veteran status my disability is not considered for unemployment. Anyhow I have been on unemployment since like Sept. 2009 or somewhere close to that, considering that is when I became a civilian again. Anyhow in Ohio (if not all states) to collect unemployment you must open a claim of unemployment which has to go through the normal paper pushing bullshit until, da dada DA, 2-4 weeks have passed before you are able to collect payment. Now I went through that damned rigmarole back in 2009, well I got approved for a federal extension of unemployment benefits ~27th of August 2010, the unemployment representative I was on the phone with told me that I will continue to receive payments but to be weary that on the 4th of Sept 2010 I would have to "OPEN A NEW CLAIM" because my calendar year of benefits will expire. I roger up and make a scheduled task on my PC that will let me know that I need to do that. Lo and Behold my PC's power supply goes out so I am currently using my step-daughter's laptop. Anyhow I goto file for a week of unemployment, the week ending Sept 11 2010. I should have received payment on the 14th, or yesterday. I logged in to find that my payment is stuck in a holding status and I am ~$157 overdrawn, all transactions clearing at close of business yesterday so I had to shit cash FAST or risk being left ~$536 overdrawn due to multiple transactions. So after I found a way to get the cash, I called up Unemployment and was like "WTF Hax!" only to find out that the original representative told me wrong, and the online application was wrong as well, both told me to "OPEN A NEW CLAIM" however since I AM a veteran and I did NOT work since I exited active service I was not required to open a new claim (which left me with a small pay cut of $18 a week I might add) So I asked the lady what can be done to fix my account so I can receive my withheld payments only to have her tell me to write a letter and fax it to them stating I want them to cancel the new claim. That of which could take 2-4 FUCKING WEEKS. So since some dumbass couldn't pull their fucking head out of their ass my family and I have to suffer? I currently have $61.86 to last a family of 5 living in a 2 bedroom apartment half of a month, lets hope they are quick about it >.<

So has anything similar to this ever happened to you? You ever been to the point that you don't see any reason to give a shit anymore, maybe I should sell drugs like I did in Highschool. haha yeah THAT would go over well, anyhow /ENDRANT leave your comments below and keep your eyes peeled for my on Manifestyo.tk -- Thank Q! ---END
So this morning I woke up with a pretty dry throat, so I got up, grabbed a drink and chugged. Almost choked on my drink due to a SURPRISE cough >.<, usually when I get sick my tonsil's swell up and get these little white puss pockets all over them, as of yet said pockets are absent, thank god it doesn't seem to be strep :D I am pretty much flat broke, if I want to be covered on my Insurance I have to travel 1.5 hours to the Veteran's Hospital, so I decided to forgo all of that crap, OOH look, expired Theraflu!! I took a pouch, dumped it in nigh boiling water, stirred it up and chugged, 'lo and behold 10 minutes later, I feel great, for about 2.5 hours >.< OH well Good thing I have plenty :D So, lets see how many of you AREN'T shy, I want to know, do you guys usually get sick at the same time every year/season? If so what kind of illness do you come down with? I'm not talking allergies, I am talking, you feel like a fucking cadaver, you feel like hammered shit. I can't honestly believe that it take near and act of congress to get your damned tonsils removed, I guarantee that if my tonsils were removed, I wouldn't get sick every time the seasons change >.< Welp that is it for now, please feel free to leave comments, I know people are viewing this, but no one has anything to say, nice, nasty, or neither, not a big deal. :D ---END
Welp Today marks my 1 year anniversary of my EAS (Exit of Active Service) date. I figure today CAN'T be a bad day, I really don't care what anyone says or does to me today, I am ecstatic. The kids went to school and came home with no problems. I found out my nosey neighbors who think they are better than the rest of the apartment complex are FINALLY moving out!! YAY, serves those cocksuckers right, I want it to be known that I am actually a really nice guy, I am just a blunt prick (as far as conversations go that is :D lol), and with that said, I have no problems helping someone out, if you need a ride to the next state over for work and have no ride, I'll help you out if I can. That doesn't mean that I am contractually obliged to chauffeur your ass all around town because you husband is a lazy drunk who loves his wife enough that they have to sleep in different rooms. But no, the rest of the tenants are the ones with fucked up lives. Psssh your kids are fine, well behaved, level-headed girls. But you and your husband, what is an eight letter word to describe you.... oh yeah SHITBIRD! And on another note, what the hell is wrong with my best friend's mom? Let me give you a little bit of backstory here. Said mom shall be refered to as "Mom", the friend as "Devin", and the Fiancée as "Sera". Mom disapproves of Sera, but Devin won't stand up for Sera. You know what, I don't even need to tell this story, we will reserve it for another ramble. 

You know, half of the time I write these, I don't even proof read, I just spell check and therefor, I don't know where I am going with these things until I start going, maybe inebriation has something to do with it, maybe not, maybe my mind just wanders, whatever, I hope this satiates your random hunger for today, more to come later tonight after a toke or two, I hope you like these, I don't go back, I don't edit I just type for a good 5-10 minutes.

Also, shoutout to LazyThrower from YYE Forums, thanks for the support.
Welp, I was contacted by Ben Nikitas today, he wanted to know if I would be willing to trade him my Dv888 which was once his. I told him sure though my wife had finished the satin job only she did it by hand. He asked for a pic so I uploaded one of the ones my wife took only to realize how shitty my camera is lol. So here that pic is:
So that got me thinking, while I know most people use facebook or myspace to post pics so that their social life has a chance to go viral. I figured hey, why not upload a bunch of random/useless crap on a new page that will no doubt get updated often. Look for more blurbs of everyday life here, I will also post some updates on the site, polls, funny or stupid videos, etc. Have a good one.


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