Why did I do this to you all? - Dare to be d4rqk...
Dare to be d4rqk...
Welp, some of you who may or may not know me, who also know that I love to yoyo, may or may not have been to "www.RethinkYoYo.com". That is where I spent most of today, perusing the tricks, learning of a few that I had never known about until tonight. After awhile of staring at the same website for hours you tend to get bored, annoyed, anxious, whatever. So I saw that little ad-like thing at the bottom of the page (which is also at the bottom of this page, you know, just for you slow people out there o.O) saying Weebly. I thought, you know as much time as I spend stalking the YYE forums, and as often as I have to bite my tongue due to the "target audience"'s age and sensitivity, I should have my own spot to bitch and complain, rant and rave, etc. I mean, god knows that my wife gets tired of hearing it, now it is your turn my fair friends of the interwebz to hear my thoughts, share my interests, waste your time? I figure it is time to roll a bowl though and get back to what I should have been doing but I didn't do because I really just don't give a shit... ABSOLUTELY nothing. Have a nice night and welcome to the joint.

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